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Our LureTreever is a patented invention, and the name is a registered trademark. The device is designed to recover lost and abandoned fishing lures and other tackle from trees and bushes along the shores of lakes, rivers and ponds; and is also designed to dislodge lures that have become stuck upon underwater obstacles during retrieval.

The device consists of two interchangeable heads which individually attach to a series of connecting pole sections as needed to reach the lure or other fishing tackle sought to be recovered.The device comes with a shoulder mounting carrying case. When the LureTreever comes to market it will be the only device of its kind being sold which is suitable for recovering lures and other fishing tackle from trees and shoreline obstacles.

We will be manufacturing our device and offering it for sale exclusively on our website as soon as we secure the necessary funding to do so.

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Please support us in our effort to manufacture the LureTreever and bring it to market. Our upcoming  crowdfunding campaign start date will be announced soon on the Luretreever Facebook page, and on this website.


Our Go Fund Me crowdfunding page is active.  Please  view the video below and go to www.gofundme.com/luretreever Thank you. We need your financial  and social media support to bring the Luretreever to market.

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The LureTreever is going to change the sport of fresh water fishing.  The LureTreever device is a must have for all fisherman. It is the missing component in the fisherman's necessary gear. Up until now there has not been an effective means by which to recover lost and abandoned fishing tackle from trees short of climbing them.

Our LureTreever device is also a must have for environmentalists. It will aid them in removing abandoned fishing line, fishing lures and other tackle from shoreline trees, bushes and waterway vegetation; items which are extremely harmful to birds, wildlife , and the environment. We believe that our commitment to the environment is an investment in our collective futures.


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How the LureTreever works, how it is used, and the benefit to the fisherman and the environmentalist.

Luretreever Go Fund Me Video

This video is on our go fund me page at www.gofundme.com/luretreever.